Amazing Places You'll Find Intel Inside

Innovative developers are creating new intelligent, connected devices that extend beyond the PC.
Powered by Intel® technology, these products are increasingly connecting to the Internet, their environment and each other with profound impact. Explore how intelligent devices are changing the ways we live. Scroll through the stories below and learn more about the truly amazing places you will find Intel® processors.

Transportation CoreSurveillance systems get a ticket to ride

Mobile HD video cameras ensure public safety and reduce risk for operators.

Government XeonA flood of real-time data for severe weather alerts

Sensors provide weather intelligence before natural disasters strike.

Transportation Atom Core atom-coreService fleets plug into Electric Vehicles trend

Frequent stops and short hops become more efficient on electric power.

Retail Atom Core atom-coreAnimated inspiration for play

Fantastical LEGO® digital box inspires stories from toys.

Transportation Atom Core atom-coreCalculating freight weight on the go

Truck-based system bypasses scales.

Retail Atom Core atom-coreTry this on, without touching it

Shoppers “virtually” try on accessories with 3D vending systems.

Health/Wellness Atom Core atom-coreBoth medicinal and entertaining

Advanced bedside terminals access clinical records, TV, Internet, emails, phone...

Health/Wellness Like your own virtual personal trainer

An automated training system tailors your workout.

Energy AtomTaming facility energy use

Wireless sensor networks boost savings.

Communications AtomNew life for home phones

The Internet is coming soon to your home phone.

Transportation AtomTake your favorite apps on the road

The digital world comes to life in your car.

Industrial CoreConcrete solutions, just-in-time

Virtualization helps ensure a perfect pour.

Health/Wellness The doctor will see you – now

Doctors use telemedicine to treat patients remotely.

Transportation Tablet PCs on the Speedway

NASCAR* teams use computers on race day.

Health/Wellness CoreLike a doctor in every village

Technology brings medical miracles to remote areas.

CommunicationsCoreE-learning in the classroom

E-learning moves to the head of the class.

Communications XeonGR8 news 4U!

Processing 4,000 SMS messages per second.

Retail Boosting the top line for retailers

Intelligent video turns shoppers into buyers.

Energy Atom Core atom-coreHigh IQ for the power grid

An intelligent electric grid saves energy and money.

Media/Entertainment Robotic rides designed for thrills

Theme park robots deliver a rush of adrenaline.

Communications Your immersive workspace

Step inside the office of the future.

RetailRevolutionizing retail

Super kiosks are stand-alone stores.

Media/Entertainment Musical scores go digital

Paperless music stands will preserve every note.

Health/Wellness AtomHand-held healthcare

More accurate diagnoses in more places using electronic medical records.

Retail Signs point to sales growth

Intelligent signs for smarter advertising.

Communications XeonNever miss another play

Catch live action with your favorite team, anywhere you go.

Health/Wellness Medical expertise to go

Portable systems link doctors and ambulance crews.

Transportation High tech highways on a roll

Cars will communicate with highway sensor networks.

Retail Remote savings at point of sale

Retail IT saves energy and money with remote management.

Communications XeonHang up on cell phone thieves

Technology can stop illegal phone use in its tracks.

Transportation AtomKeeping trains on track

Smart sensors are creating faster and safer railways.

Industrial Making robots almost human

Autonomous, human-like robots can learn from experience.

Energy AtomEnergy savings start at home

Home owners make electrifying discoveries.

Government Atom Brazil elections go all-electronic

Secure, reliable machines popular with voters.

Banking Signage you can bank on

An Arizona bank transforms retail marketing.

Transportation Robot tractors roll

Farmers harvest the benefits of precision farming.

Transportation CoreChecking tires at 75 mph

Smart highway systems measure tread wear in milliseconds.