The Samples Recycling Program manages the safe return of aged and unwanted Intel® product samples.

  • Complimentary: no shipping charges or service fees
  • Easy: Intel arranges courier pick up at the location of your choice
  • Efficient: follow the steps below to start the process

For customers in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa, please contact us for specific instructions on recycling your Intel product samples.

Please note that returning free-of-charge samples will not result in any credit.

Material Description
Contact Information

Add Material

For each of the parts you would like to recycle, please use the fields below to provide at least one of the listed Intel provided product identifiers for each item, and indicate the quantity you would like to return. You can also attach a photo of each product, if available, by clicking the image icon. How do I identify my Intel product?

Qty. Photo
Add photo of sample part unique identifier.
Intel Part #
Example: D36708-002
Example: AA D99215-301
Intel Product Code
Example (Box code for CPUs): BX80551PE2666FN
Example (OEM code for CPU): HH80551PE0672MN
Example (Motherboard): D865PERL
Serial #
Example (Boards/Systems/KDKs): BTJO7350013M
Example (Modular servers): IQMC3290060
MM #
Example: 929902
Example: 931976
Customer Part #
Add unique Customer part number.
Example: L94B500
Example: 3428B521
Example: L832B398
Example: 2129
Example: 2V114172G0756
Example: 3582857

Contact Information

Please provide your contact information below.

Collection Information

Same as contact information above

Please provide the address where the parts will be collected. Intel will contact you with return instructions within 2 business days of submitting your return request.

Design Assistance (optional)

Thank You

Your samples return request has been received. You will be contacted within 2 business days regarding this request.

Material List

Questions regarding a request to return samples? Contact the Intel Samples Recycling team.
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