Design Review Services

Design Review Services

Speed your design cycle with Intel’s free-of-charge schematic, layout and IoT Gateway reviews

Designing embedded or Internet of Things (IoT) systems and applications? Intel analyzes your design schematics and layouts for compliance and ensures that your design meets the requirements and capabilities of an Intel® IoT Gateway. This complimentary service is available to users with Intel® EDC Privileged access. If you are not currently a Privileged user, register now!

Schematic Review Service

Review for flat point to point circuit connectivity

It's easy! Just provide:

  • Design file in Cadence,* Mentor Graphics,* or Zuken*
  • Schematic in .PDF format
  • High-level block diagram (optional)

And receive your report within 4 business days.

Layout Review Service

Verifies physical and electrical trace routing implementation

It's easy! Just provide:

  • Design file in Altium,* Cadence,* Mentor Graphics,* or Zuken*
  • Schematic in .PDF format
  • High-level block diagram (optional)
  • Stack up drawing / spreadsheet 1

And receive your report within 5 - 7 business days.

Intel® IoT Gateway Review Service

Verify your design capability

Ready to begin?

  • Complete the online form
  • Include files, images, or documents

And receive a technical report showing results of the qualification tests in less than 2 weeks.


Intel® EDC support

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Design Review Feedback

Please give us feedback and feel free to ask questions!

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Notes and Disclaimers

This service does not replace a customer’s in-house design review, nor is it a substitute for training in design or knowledge of basic Intel® architecture. Although Intel makes a good faith effort to find potential design problems, the customer remains responsible for the success of the design. The results of the design reviews are suggestions from Intel based on Intel’s experience and knowledge, and may be accepted or rejected. Each company is ultimately responsible for determining the suitability of its own design and is responsible for the quality of its products. Intel makes no claims or guarantees that the Intel reviewers will find all defects, or that the design will function in accordance to the customer’s requirements. Neither does Intel accept responsibility for any impact to the customer’s project schedules.

¹ Preferably from your board fabrication vendor – with layer thicknesses, permittivity and dielectric constants. We need this to calibrate our field solver for calculating impedance.