Scalable Compute Module Design for Service Robots

ID 634127
Date 04/22/2021
Version 1.0


Advancements in Digital Technologies are transforming how traditional kiosks are being used to provide service to end users. In the latest trend, we are seeing a shift from static and passive interactive kiosks to mobile smart kiosks. These mobile smart kiosks are changing the landscape of the service robot industry since they are autonomous, approachable, interactive, and provide multi-function services.

New emerging service robots are used for commercial applications in various industries like retail, banking, hospitality, education, healthcare, warehouses, law enforcement, and agricultural sectors. The adoption of service robot provides a high ROI for commercial providers, primarily due to savings in labor costs.

An aging population in some countries is shrinking the workforce and spurring robot deployment. Moreover, the new normal due to the pandemic has provided a boost to the adoption of service robots for performing various tasks. For example, service robots can be used for contactless delivery operations, disinfections, wayfinding, security, and assisting border controls.


Figure 1: Kiosk transformation