Scalable Compute Module Design for Service Robots

ID 634127
Date 04/22/2021
Version 1.0


As the market of service robot expands, so does the demand for a smarter compute module with advanced capabilities such as workload consolidation, artificial intelligence, 5G connectivity, remote manageability, and data analytics.

Intel® MSK Design is architected specifically to address the demanding needs for the service robot industry while streamlining the wide array of use cases into a small but expandable form factor.

The main compute board is cost-efficient and tailor-made to support workload consolidations in service robots. The I/O expansion boards give system integrators the flexibility to add extra peripherals to support customized service to end users.

The end goal of Intel® MSK Design is to create a gold standard that makes it easy to add new capabilities and increase functionality. In addition, it enables using the service robot for different use cases that accelerates time-to-market and reduces the total cost for ecosystem partners.