Scalable Compute Module Design for Service Robots

ID 634127
Date 04/22/2021
Version 1.0

Customer Testimonials


"The Intel® MSK platform provides a good support for robot scenarios by integrating powerful Intel® Core™ processors and other peripherals. It greatly simplified our hardware architecture and improved system stability as well as the performance Intel Allen platform provides wide range of CPU choices, flexible memory configuration, and rich extensibility. So, we can always find the sweet spot to balance the cost and performance according to various workloads.

With outstanding hardware like the Intel® Core™ processor and Intel® RealSense™ camera with VPU, combined with Intel's Fast Mapping, OpenVINO™, Celadon, and other software solutions, we can make our products, including general robotics platforms and retail robots, reach a whole new level. It will also bring a huge new business value to our customers.

The Intel® MSK platform is easy to integrate, which becomes easier with the help of the Intel support team. As a result, we can integrate the platform into our systems and products in just a few weeks."

- Tony Huang, CTO of Slamtec


The Intel® MSK platform has powerful AI processing capabilities and it can save a lot of development effort when it is combined with the stable and easy-to-use OpenVINO™ toolkit. The platform has good stability and the equipped I5 processor and VPU can provide the robot with image reconstruction and processing capability. The inference speed for human detection algorithm is also improved from 10 fps to 20 fps, which greatly improves the real-time performance. This improvement is essential in enabling the deployment of the proactive ‘greet’ and ‘follow me’ features in service robots."

- Shao Changdong, CTO of Ecovacs


"Intel® MSK core module can be configured with different CPUs to achieve different capabilities. It can meet the requirement of basic applications such as positioning, navigation, and maneuverability on an AGV. With the addition of the I/O extension board, users can connect graphic card, AI accelerator card, and motion control card, to meet high-end requirements like visual recognition, AI processing, and motion control. Moreover, the speed and scalability of the CAN module allows more choices in the selection of downstream sensing modules. With the increasing number of CAN modules at present, this function is more and more valued by system manufacturers!

Here is a compute module that can meet the requirements from entry-level to the most high-end service robot applications. It can meet a variety of different use cases and requirements. One size fit all! One solution that meets all the industry ask!"

- Frank Yuan, Founder and CEO of Comstar