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How to Bookmark Content

Once you have found content you are interested in, you may wish to bookmark it for easy access later. When you bookmark a specific piece of content, you will also receive email notifications when changes are made.

Note:You must be signed in to your account to bookmark content on the RDC.

You can manage this feature in several places:

  • Search results
  • Content library pages
  • My Intel Dashboard

When viewing content, simply click Bookmark to add the content to your bookmarks.

To access your bookmarks, sign in to your account and go to the My Content section of the My Intel Dashboard. This section, and the dashboard in general, can be accessed from the profile icon in global header after you are signed in.

View bookmarks in My Content

Note:There is also the ability to follow a collection. This feature is similar to adding a bookmark to a piece of content, but the feature applies to the entire content library. You will receive an email notification when any content in the library is modified.