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How to Find Content in ARK

Intel created an automated relational knowledge base (ARK) to collect product information and provide it on demand. ARK is publicly accessible, so anyone can access the content listed in this knowledge base. You can use ARK to find specifications, products, and documentation for Intel released products. Find content by using the search feature or browsing the categories listed.

Note:If you have an RDC login, you can also access ARK Care. This knowledge base contains the same content as ARK with the addition of content for pre-released products with release dates up to one quarter in the future.

To search for content in ARK, make sure you are using the search field for product specifications, not the one available in the global header. If you use the search field in the global header, you will search all of Intel.com.

ARK home page - search or browse

ARK main page with search and browse featuers circled in red

When browsing for a product, you will navigate through several levels to arrive at a list of specific products. Once a product has been selected, the specifications information will display by default.

When applicable, there will be a Drivers and Software section and a Technical Documentation section. Both are helpful resources for finding content.

  • Drivers and Software: This section will show any downloads that are available for this product. Filter the items available by operating system or keywords.
  • Technical Documentation: This section contains technical content related to the product. You can filter the documents by entering keywords from the title. They must match exactly or the filter will remove the document from view.

Drivers and Software section in ARK

A Software and Drivers tab on a product details page in ARK.

Technical Documentation section in ARK

A Technical Documentation tab for a product details page in ARK.