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How to Navigate

From the RDC home page, users can navigate to a specific product via product categories. Some examples of these categories are processors and chipsets, server products, and memory and storage. For optimal experience, supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.

Note:When navigating, use a Chrome incognito browse for the optimal experience. Remember to sign in to your account to view confidential documentation in addition to public content.

If you are ever disoriented on Intel.com, you can always get back to the RDC home page by clicking "Developers" in the global website header. You can also bookmark developer.intel.com, which will bring you to the RDC home page.

To navigate by product or platform, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the RDC.
  2. Choose a product category.
  3. Choose a platform.
  4. Click Expand all groups to browse documentation across all groups and content types in the library.

To view details, click on the content you are interested in. Details include a description of the content, file size, and file type.

If you are not sure of the product category, leverage the View all products option. This will allow you to quickly navigate to a product or platform library.

Again, make sure you are signed in to view all released and pre-released content.

RDC product category

RDC home page with a product category circled in red

RDC product library

RDC product table with one platform circled in red.

RDC content library

Content library on the RDC.