RDC User Guide

ID 631086
Date 03/13/2023
Version 1.0

Navigating Collections

Content within the RDC is organized into collections. Collections are tag-driven, (e.g. based on a product, platform, tool, etc.). Collection features include:

  1. Search within Collections

    Use in combination with applied filters to further refine results. Special commands include:

    1. Using "quotes" around multiple words for exact match
    2. Using @metadataclassification=confidential to see only secure results

      (note: must be logged in, must be entitled to that content)

  2. Filter By
  3. Sort Order
    1. 'Newest' is the default
  4. Expandable details in list view (collections may show in either list or card view, depending on content), plus download and bookmark buttons.