ATX12VO (12V Only) Desktop Power Supply

Design Guide

ID 613768
Date 11/01/2023
Document Table of Contents


This document aligns to ATX12VO Specification Version 2.1

This document provides design requirements for an industry standard focused on single rail power supplies that will meet the existing mechanical size for power supplies while providing the opportunity for higher platform power efficiency. Multi-rail power supply designs have existed for many decades but as computers are evolving a new single main power rail input power is needed to increase efficiency of the power supply.

These single rail power supplies are primarily intended for use with desktop system designs. The key parameters that define mechanical fit across a common set of platforms does not change with existing power supply designs.

This Single Rail Power Supply Design Guide is intended to work for a majority of desktop computer designs. The multi-rail ATX Version 3 Multi Rail Desktop Platform Power Supply Design Guide (#336521), includes criteria for many different varieties of desktop computers. This document only details what needs to be included in the Single Rail Power Supply Industry standard. The REQUIRED sections are intended to be followed for all systems. The RECOMMENDED sections could be modified based on system design. Lastly, a few sections are labeled as OPTIONAL, which would not be intended for all design but is helpful to some designs.

The specification name for this Power Supply Design is ATX12VO, which stands for ATX 12V Only. If the mechanical size of the power supply is different from ATX, for example SFX then it would be SFX12VO.

This document covers the design parameters for the Power Supply to meet the ATX12VO Specification.