ATX Version 3 Multi Rail Desktop Platform Power Supply

Design Guide

ID 336521
Date 11/01/2023
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North America – REQUIRED

The power supply must be certified by an NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) for use in the USA and Canada under the following conditions:

  • The power supply UL report “Conditions of Acceptability” shall meet in the intended application of the power supply in the end product.
  • The supply must be recognized for use in Information Technology Equipment including Electrical Business Equipment per UL 60950-1 First Edition. The certification must include external enclosure testing for the AC receptacle side of the power supply.
  • The supply must have a full complement of tests conducted as part of the certification, such as input current, leakage current, hi-pot, temperature, energy discharge test, transformer output characterization test (open-circuit voltage, short-circuit performance), and abnormal testing (to include stalled-fan tests and voltage-select–switch mismatch).
  • The enclosure must meet fire enclosure mechanical test requirements per clauses 2.9.1 and 4.2 of the above-mentioned standard.
  • Production hi-pot testing must be included as a part of the certification and indicated as such in the certification report.
  • There must not be unusual or difficult conditions of acceptability such as mandatory additional cooling or power de-rating. The insulation system shall not have temperatures exceeding their rating when tested in the end product.
  • The certification mark shall be marked on each power supply.
  • The power supply must be evaluated for operator-accessible secondary outputs (reinforced insulation) that meet the requirements for SELV.
  • The proper polarity between the AC input receptacle and any printed wiring boards connections must be maintained (that is, brown=line, blue=neutral, and green=earth/chassis).
  • The fan shall be protected by a guard to prevent contact by a finger in compliance with UL accessibility requirements.