Intel® NUC 12 Extreme / Pro X

ID 721073
Date 02/24/2022
Version 1.0
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Shipping Considerations for System Integrators

The Intel® NUC 12 Extreme / Pro X Kit is designed to properly integrate full length dual slot add-in-cards. Due to drop forces exerted on packages being shipped, it is recommended where possible to ship the add-in-card separately to avoid damage to the interior of the NUC 12 Extreme / Pro X Kit chassis or the add-in-card itself.

When shipping the add-in-card separately is not possible it is highly recommended to add ESD-Safe packing material in-between the add-in-card and the top fan shroud, as well as around the add-in-card to prevent vibration and the chance to dislodge the card mid shipment. Figure 18. Packaging Guidance notates possible locations for ESD-Safe packing material.


Figure 18. Packaging Guidance

image47.png NOTE

Packaging material must be removed from system prior to operation to maintain proper thermal performance of the NUC 12 Extreme / Pro X Kit.