Intel® NUC 12 Extreme / Pro X

ID 721073
Date 02/24/2022
Version 1.0
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Thermal Considerations

image43.png CAUTION

The NUC 12 Extreme / Pro X Kit is designed to take in airflow from the sides through the ventilated panels and exhausts through the top. Failure to ensure appropriate airflow may result in reduced performance of both the processor and/or voltage regulator or, in some instances, damage to the board.

The NUC 12 Extreme / Pro X Kit features a chassis air guide which prevents pre-heated air from entering the CPU blower fan, failure to install this chassis air guide may result in reduced performance of both the processor and/or the voltage regulator.

All responsibility for determining the adequacy of any thermal or system design remains solely with the system integrator. Intel makes no warranties or representations that merely following the instructions presented in this document will result in a system with adequate thermal performance.

image44.png CAUTION

Ensure that the ambient temperature does not exceed the board’s maximum operating temperature. Failure to do so could cause components to exceed their maximum case temperature and malfunction. For information about the maximum operating temperature, see the environmental specifications in Section 2.25.

image45.png CAUTION

Ensure that proper airflow is maintained in the processor voltage regulator circuit.  Failure to do so may result in shorter than expected product lifetime.