ATX Version 3.0 Multi Rail Desktop Platform Power Supply

Design Guide

ID 336521
Date 01/02/2022

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It is recommended that the power supply be designed with an appropriate fan, internal impedance, and fan speed control circuitry capable of meeting the acoustic targets listed in Table 6-1: Recommended Power Supply Acoustic Targets.

The power supply assembly should not produce, and prominent discrete tone determined according to ISO 7779, Annex D.

Sound power determination is to be performed at 43 C, at 50% of the maximum rated load, at sea level. This test point is chosen to represent the environment seen inside a typical system at the idle acoustic test condition, with the 43 C being derived from the standard ambient assumption of 23 C, with 20 C added for the temperature rise within the system (what is typically seen by the inlet fan). The declared sound power shall be measured according to ISO 7779 and reported according to ISO 9296.

Different customers might have different acoustic specifications. Any power supply design is recommended to follow any specific customer requirements.

Table 6-1: Recommended Power Supply Acoustic Targets

Idle (BA)

Typical (50% load)


Maximum (BA)