13th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

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Supporting 13th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor for S Processor Line Platforms, formerly known as Raptor Lake

ID 743844
Date 10/13/2022

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Display Serial Interface (DSI*) specifies the interface between a host processor and peripherals such as a display module. DSI is a high speed and high performance serial interface that offers efficient and low power connectivity between the processor and the display module.

  • One link x8 data lanes or two links each with x4 lanes support.

  • Supported on Low power optimized pipes.

  • Support Backlight PWM control and enable signals, and power enable.

  • Support VESA DSC (Data Stream Compression).

MIPI* DSI Overview

MIPI* DSI Maximum Resolution


S - Processor Line

MIPI* DSI (Single Link)


MIPI* DSI (Single Link) with DSC


MIPI* DSI (Dual Link)


MIPI* DSI (Dual Link) with DSC


  1. bpp - bit per pixel.

  2. Resolution support is subject to memory BW availability.