13th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

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Supporting 13th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor for S Processor Line Platforms, formerly known as Raptor Lake

ID 743844
Date 10/13/2022

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System Agent Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology

System Agent Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology is a dynamic voltage frequency scaling of the System Agent clock based on memory utilization. Unlike processor core and package Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology, System Agent Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology has three valid operating points. When running light workload and SA Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology is enabled, the DDR data rate may change as follows:

BIOS/MRC DDR training at maximum, mid and minimum frequencies sets I/O and timing parameters.

In order to achieve the optimal levels of performance and power, the memory initialization and training process performed during first system boot or after CMOS clear or after a BIOS update will take a longer time than a typical boot. During this initialization and training process, end users may see a blank screen. More information on the memory initialization process can be found in the industry standard JEDEC Specifications found on www.JEDEC.org.

Before changing the DDR data rate, the processor sets DDR to self-refresh and changes the needed parameters. The DDR voltage remains stable and unchanged.