12th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

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ID 655258
Date 06/15/2023
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Assured Power (cTDP)

Assured Power (cTDP) form a design option where the processor's behavior and package Processor Base Power (a.k.a TDP) are dynamically adjusted to a desired system performance and power envelope. Assured Power (cTDP) technology offer opportunities to differentiate system design while running active workloads on select processor SKUs through scalability, configuration and adaptability. The scenarios or methods by which each technology is used are customizable but typically involve changes to PL1 and associated frequencies for the scenario with a resultant change in performance depending on system's usage. Either technology can be triggered by (but are not limited to) changes in OS power policies or hardware events such as docking a system, flipping a switch or pressing a button. Assured Power (cTDP) is designed to be configured dynamically and do not require an operating system reboot.

Note:Assured Power (cTDP) is not battery life improvement technologies.