12th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

Datasheet, Volume 1 of 2

ID 655258
Date 06/15/2023
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Processor Graphics Power Management

Memory Power Savings Technologies

  • Intel® Rapid Memory Power Management (Intel® RMPM)
  • Intel® Smart 2D Display Technology (Intel® S2DDT)

Display Power Savings Technologies

  • Intel® (Seamless and Static) Display Refresh Rate Switching (DRRS) with eDP* port
  • Intel® Automatic Display Brightness
  • Smooth Brightness
  • Intel® Display Power Saving Technology (Intel® DPST 7.0)
  • Panel Self-Refresh 2 (PSR 2)
  • Low Power Single Pipe (LPSP)

Graphics Core Power Savings Technologies

  • Graphics Dynamic Frequency
  • Intel® Graphics Render Standby Technology (Intel® GRST)
  • Dynamic FPS (DFPS)