12th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

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ID 655258
Date 06/15/2023
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Intel® Image Processing Unit

IPU6 is Intel's 6th generation solution for an Imaging Processing Unit, providing advanced imaging functionality for Intel® Core™ branded processors, as well as more specialized functionality for High Performance Mobile Phones, Automotive, Digital Surveillance Systems (DSS), and other market segments.

IPU6 is a continuing evolution of the architecture introduced in IPU4 and enhanced in IPU5. Additional image quality improvements are introduced, as well as hardware accelerated support for temporal de-noising and new sensor technologies such as Spatially Variant Exposure HDR and Dual Photo Diode, among others.

IPU6 provides a complete high quality hardware accelerated pipeline, and is therefore not dependent on algorithms running on the vector processors to provide the highest quality output.

  • H/P/U - Processor Lines has the most advance IPU6
  • S/HX - Processor Lines has a lighter version of the IPU.