12th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

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Date 06/15/2023
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Intel® APIC Virtualization Technology (Intel® APICv)

APIC virtualization is a collection of features that can be used to support the virtualization of interrupts and the Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller (APIC).

When APIC virtualization is enabled, the processor emulates many accesses to the APIC, tracks the state of the virtual APIC, and delivers virtual interrupts — all in VMX non-root operation without a VM exit.

The following are the VM-execution controls relevant to APIC virtualization and virtual interrupts:

  • Virtual-interrupt Delivery. This controls enables the evaluation and delivery of pending virtual interrupts. It also enables the emulation of writes (memory-mapped or MSR-based, as enabled) to the APIC registers that control interrupt prioritization.
  • Use TPR Shadow. This control enables emulation of accesses to the APIC’s task-priority register (TPR) via CR8 and, if enabled, via the memory-mapped or MSR-based interfaces.
  • Virtualize APIC Accesses. This control enables virtualization of memory-mapped accesses to the APIC by causing VM exits on accesses to a VMM-specified APIC-access page. Some of the other controls, if set, may cause some of these accesses to be emulated rather than causing VM exits.
  • Virtualize x2APIC Mode. This control enables virtualization of MSR-based accesses to the APIC.
  • APIC-register Virtualization. This control allows memory-mapped and MSR-based reads of most APIC registers (as enabled) by satisfying them from the virtual-APIC page. It directs memory-mapped writes to the APIC-access page to the virtual-APIC page, following them by VM exits for VMM emulation.
  • Process Posted Interrupts. This control allows software to post virtual interrupts in a data structure and send a notification to another logical processor; upon receipt of the notification, the target processor will process the posted interrupts by copying them into the virtual-APIC page.

Note:Intel® APIC Virtualization Technology may not be available on all SKUs.

Intel® APIC Virtualization specifications and functional descriptions are included in the Intel® 64 Architectures Software Developer’s Manual, Volume 3. Available at: