12th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

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Date 06/15/2023
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Thermal Metrology

The maximum TTV case temperatures (TCASE-MAX) can be derived from the data in the appropriate TTV thermal profile earlier in this chapter. The TTV TCASE is measured at the geometric top center of the TTV integrated heat spreader (IHS). Below figure illustrates the location where TCASE temperature measurements should be made.

Thermal Test Vehicle (TTV) Case Temperature (TCASE) Measurement Location

The following supplier can machine the groove and attach a thermocouple to the IHS. The following supplier is listed as a convenience to Intel's general customers and may be subject to change without notice. THERM-X OF CALIFORNIA, 3200 Investment Blvd, Hayward, Ca 94544. George Landis +1-510-441-7566 Ext. 368 george@therm-x.com. The vendor part number is XTMS1565.