12th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

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ID 655258
Date 06/15/2023
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Hardware Accelerated Video Processing

There is hardware support for image processing functions such as De-interlacing, Film cadence detection, Advanced Video Scaler (AVS), detail enhancement, gamut compression, HD adaptive contrast enhancement, skin tone enhancement, total color control, Chroma de-noise, SFC (Scalar and Format Conversion), memory compression, Localized Adaptive Contrast Enhancement (LACE), spatial de-noise, Out-Of-Loop De-blocking (from AVC decoder), 16 bpc support for de-noise/de-mosaic.

The HW video processing is exposed by the graphics driver using the following APIs:

  • Direct3D* 9 Video API (DXVA2).
  • Direct3D* 11 Video API.
  • OneVPL
  • MFT (Media Foundation Transform) filters.
  • Intel® Graphics Control Library
  • Intel VA API

Note:Not all features are supported by all the above APIs. Refer to the relevant documentation for more details.