12th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors Datasheet, Volume 1 of 2


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Date 28/10/2021 00:00:00
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Package Storage Specifications






The non-operating device storage temperature. Damage (latent or otherwise) may occur when subjected to this temperature for any length of time in Intel Original sealed moisture barrier bag and / or box.




The ambient storage temperature limit (in shipping media) for the sustained period of time




The maximum device storage relative humidity for the sustained period of time as specified below in Intel Original sealed moisture barrier bag and / or box

60%@ 24°C


Maximum time: associated with customer shelf life in Intel Original sealed moisture barrier bag and / or box


Moisture Sensitive Devices: 60 months from bag seal date; Non-moisture sensitive devices: 60 months from lot date

Storage Conditions

Processors in a non-operational state may be installed in a platform, in a tray, boxed, or loose and may be sealed in airtight package or exposed to free air. Under these conditions, processor landings should not be connected to any supply voltages, have any I/Os biased, or receive any clocks. Upon exposure to "free air" (that is, unsealed packaging or a device removed from packaging material), the processor should be handled in accordance with moisture sensitivity labeling (MSL) as indicated on the packaging material. Boxed Land Grid Array packaged (LGA) processors are MSL 1 ('unlimited' or unaffected) as they are not heated in order to be inserted in the socket.

  1. TABSOLUTE STORAGE applies to the un-assembled component only and does not apply to the shipping media, moisture barrier bags or desiccant. Refers to a component device that is not assembled in a board or socket that is not to be electrically connected to a voltage reference or I/O signals.
  2. Specified temperatures are based on data collected. Exceptions for surface mount re-flow are specified by applicable JEDEC J-STD-020 documents. The JEDEC, J-STD-020 moisture level rating and associated handling practices apply to all moisture sensitive devices removed from the moisture barrier bag.
  3. Post board attaches storage temperature limits are not specified for non-Intel branded boards. Consult your board manufacturer for storage specifications.