12th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

Datasheet, Volume 1 of 2

ID 655258
Date 08/08/2022

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Platform Imaging Infrastructure

The platform imaging infrastructure is based on the following hardware components:

  • Camera Subsystem: Located in the lid of the system and contains CMOS sensor, flash, LED, I/O interface (MIPI* CSI-2 and I2C*), focus control and other components.
  • Camera I/O Controller: The I/O controller is located in the processor and contains a MIPI-CSI2 host controller. The host controller is a PCI device (independent of the IPU device). The CSI-2 HCI brings imaging data from an external image into the system and provides a command and control channel for the image using I2C.
  • Intel® IPU (Image Processing Unit): The IPU processes raw images captured by Bayer sensors. The result images are used by still photography and video capture applications (JPEG, H.264, and so on.).

Processor Camera System