Intel® Pentium® Silver and Intel® Celeron® Processors Datasheet, Volume 1


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Date 17/06/2021 00:00:00
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I2S/PCM Interface

The I2S / PCM interface is an optional feature offering connection to the I2S / PCM audio codecs. The I2S / PCM audio codecs are widely adopted in the phone and tablet platforms as they are typically customized for low power application. The codec structure is typically unique per codec vendor implementation and requires vendor specific SW module for controlling the codec. These I2S / PCM audio codecs will be enumerated based on ACPI table or OS specific static configuration information. The Audio DSP is required to be enabled in order to enable I2S / PCM link as registers are only addressable through the Audio DSP and its FW. I2S/PCM Interface features are listed as follows:

  • Multiple I2S/PCM ports to support multiple I2S connections
  • Can support 3 modes:
    • Slave Mode
    • Slave Mode with Locally Generated Master Clock, or
    • Master Mode
  • I2S audio playback up to 2 ch x 192 kHz x 24 bits
  • I2S audio capture up to 2 ch x 192 kHz x 24 bits
  • PCM audio playback up to 8 ch x 48 kHz x 24 bits
  • PCM audio capture up to 8 ch x 48 kHz x 24 bits
  • Support 3G / 4G modem codec
  • Support BT codec HFP / HSP SCO at 8 / 16 kHz
  • Support BT codec A2DP at 48 kHz
  • Support FM radio codec