Intel® Pentium® Silver and Intel® Celeron® Processors Datasheet, Volume 1


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Date 17/06/2021 00:00:00
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Processor Graphics

The processor graphics is based on Generation 11 (GEN11-LP GT1) graphics core architecture that enables substantial gains in performance and lower-power consumption over prior generations. Gen 11LP architecture supports up to 32 Execution Units (EUs) depending on the processor SKU.

The processor graphics architecture delivers high dynamic range of scaling to address segments spanning low power to high power, increased performance per watt, support for next generation of APIs. Gen 11LP scalable architecture is partitioned by usage domains along Render/Geometry, Media, and Display. The architecture also delivers very low-power video playback. The new Graphics Architecture includes 3D compute elements, Multi-format HW assisted decode/encode pipeline, and Mid-Level Cache (MLC) for superior high definition playback, video quality, and improved 3D performance and media.