Intel® Pentium® Silver and Intel® Celeron® Processors Datasheet, Volume 1


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Date 17/06/2021 00:00:00
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System Management

The PCH provides various functions to make a system easier to manage and to lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the system. Features and functions can be augmented using external A/D converters and GPIOs, as well as an external micro controller.

The following features and functions are supported by the PCH:

  • First timer timeout to generate SMI# after programmable time
    • The first timer timeout causes an SMI#, allowing SMM-based recovery from OS lock up
  • Second hard-coded timer timeout to generate reboot:
    • This second timer is used only after the 1st timeout occurs
    • The second timeout allows for automatic system reset and reboot if a HW error is detected
    • Option to prevent reset the second timeout via HW strap
  • Various Error detection (such as ECC Errors) indicated by host controller:
    • Can generate SMI#, SCI, SERR, SMI, or TCO interrupt