Intel® Pentium® Silver and Intel® Celeron® Processors

Datasheet, Volume 1 of 2

ID 633935
Date 12/27/2022
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Counter Latch Command

The Counter Latch command, written to Port 43h, latches the count of a specific counter at the time the command is received. This command is used to ensure that the count read from the counter is accurate, particularly when reading a two-byte count. The count value is then read from each counter’s Count register as was programmed by the Control register.

The count is held in the latch until it is read or the counter is reprogrammed. The count is then unlatched. This allows reading the contents of the counters on the fly without affecting counting in progress. Multiple Counter Latch Commands may be used to latch more than one counter. Counter Latch commands do not affect the programmed mode of the counter in any way.

If a Counter is latched and then, some time later, latched again before the count is read, the second Counter Latch command is ignored. The count read is the count at the time the first Counter Latch command was issued.