Intel® Pentium® Silver and Intel® Celeron® Processors

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ID 633935
Date 12/27/2022
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Out Of Band (OOB) Hosting DCI

OOB was developed to provide an alternate path to convey controls and data to or from the EXI/DCI by connecting physically to the target through a USB 3.2 port. OOB provides an alternate side band path around the USB 3.2 controller, so that the embedded logic can be accessed, even when the USB 3.2 controller is not alive (such as in low power states) or is malfunctioning. This path does not rely on USB 3.2 protocol, link layer, or physical layer, because the xHCI functions are generally not available in such conditions. Instead, this path relies on a special adapter that was developed by Intel called the Intel® SVT Closed Chassis Adapter (CCA). It is a simple data transformation device. This adapter generates a OOB signaling protocol operating at up to 400 MHz and serializes data flowing through it. This adapter works together with debug host software and the embedded logic, contain a back-pressure scheme that makes both sides tolerant of overflow and starvation conditions, which is equivalent of USB 3.2 link layer. This path also uses native DCI packet protocol instead of USB 3.2 protocol. DCI.OOB - slower speed, CCA box needed. But survives S0ix and Sx states. Provides early boot access. Cannot tolerate re-driver circuits in its path.

Intel® SVT CCA (MM#:921521) can be purchased through Intel® Design-In Tools Store at