Intel® Pentium® Silver and Intel® Celeron® Processors

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ID 633935
Date 12/27/2022
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Direct Connect Interface (DCI)

Direct Connect Interface (DCI) is a new debug transport technology to enable closed chassis debug through any of USB 3.2 ports out from Intel silicon. Some bridging logic is embedded in the silicon to “bridge” the gap between standard I/O ports and the debug interfaces including JTAG, probe mode, hooks, trace infrastructure, and so on. To control the operation of this embedded logic, a DCI packet based protocol is invented which controls and data can be sent or received. This protocol can operate over a few different physical transport paths to the target which known as “hosting interfaces”.

Note:DCI and USB 3.2 based debugger (kernel level debugger) are mutually exclusive.

There are two types of DCI hosting interfaces in the platform:

  • OOB Hosting DCI
  • USB 2.0 and USB 3.2 Hosting DCI.DBC

Supported capabilities in DCI are:

  • Closed Chassis Debug at S0 and Sx State
  • JTAG Access and Run Control (Probe Mode)
  • System Tracing with Intel® Trace Hub

Debug host software that support DCI are:

  • Intel® ITP II Platform Debug Toolkit (PDT)
  • Intel® System Studio (ISS)