Intel® Pentium® Silver and Intel® Celeron® Processors

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ID 633935
Date 12/27/2022
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PCI Express* Controller Lane Reversal

For each PCIe* Controller we support end-to-end lane reversal across the four lanes mapped to a controller for the two motherboard PCIe* configurations listed below. Lane Reversal means that the most significant lane of a PCIe* Controller is swapped with the least significant lane of the PCIe* Controller while the inner lanes get swapped to preserve the data exchange sequence (order).

Note:Lane Reversal Supported Motherboard PCIe* Configurations = 1x4, 2x1+1x2, and 2x2
  • The 2x1+1x2 configuration is enabled by setting the PCIe* Controller soft straps to 1x2+2x1 with Lane Reversal Enabled
Note:PCI Express* Controller Lane Reversal is not the same as PCI Express* Lane Polarity Inversion