Jasper Lake EDS Vol1


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Date 01/01/2021
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Flexible I/O

Flexible Input/Output (I/O) is a technology that allows some of the PCH High Speed I/O (HSIO) lanes to be configured for connection to a PCIe* Controller, an Extensible Host Controller Interface (XHCI) USB 3.2 Controller, or an Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) SATA Controller. Flexible I/O enables customers to optimize the allocation of the PCH HSIO interfaces to better meet the I/O needs of their system.

Figure below shows the High Speed I/O (HSIO) lane multiplexing.

HSIO Controller Port Configuration

The ten HSIO lanes on PCH supports the following configurations:

  1. Up to 8PCIe* Lanes
  2. Up to 2 SATA Lanes
  3. Up to 6 USB 3.x Lanes