Jasper Lake EDS Vol1


ID 633935
Date 01/01/2021
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PCH Global Device IDs

Dev ID Device Function - Device Description Note
4D80-4D9F D31:F0 - Enhanced serial peripheral interface Controller(eSPI) 4D87 - Production SKU
4DA0 D31:F1 - Primary to Sideband Bridge(P2SB)
4DA1 D31:F2 - Power Management Controller(PMC)
4DA3 D31:F4 - System Management Bus (SMBus) Controller
4DA4 D31:F5 - SPI Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Controller for Flash and TPM
4DA6 D31:F7 - Intel Trace Hub (ITH)
4DA8 D30:F0 - LPSS: UART Controller #0
4DA9 D30:F1 - LPSS: UART Controller #1
4DAA D30:F2 - LPSS: SPI Controller #0
4DAB D30:F3 - LPSS: SPI Controller #1
4DB8 D28:F0 - PCI Express Root Port #1
4DB9 D28:F1 - PCI Express Root Port #2
4DBA D28:F2 - PCI Express Root Port #3
4DBB D28:F3 - PCI Express Root Port #4
4DBC D28:F4 - PCI Express Root Port #5
4DBD D28:F5 - PCI Express Root Port #6
4DBE D28:F6 - PCI Express Root Port #7
4DBF D28:F7 - PCI Express Root Port #8
4DC4 D26:F0 - SCS embedded Multi Media Card (eMMC) Controller
4DC5 D25:F0 - LPSS: I2C Controller #4
4DC6 D25:F1 - LPSS: I2C Controller #5
4DC7 D25:F2 - LPSS: UART Controller #2
4DC8-4DCF D31:F3 - cAVS( (Audio, Voice, Speech))
4DD0 D23:F0 - RSVD Reserved
4DD1 D23:F0 - RSVD Reserved
4DD2 D23:F0 - SATA SATA Controller (AHCI)
4DD3 D23:F0 - SATA SATA Controller (AHCI)
4DD4 D23:F0 - RSVD Reserved
4DD5 D23:F0 - RSVD Reserved
4DD6 D23:F0 - SATA SATA Controller (RAID 0/1/5/10) -Desktop
4DD7 D23:F0 - SATA SATA Controller (RAID 0/1/5/10) - Mobile
282A D23:F0 - SATA SATA Controller (RAID 0/1/5/10) - Mobile
4DD8-4DDD D23:F0 - RSVD Reserved
4DDE D23:F0 - RSVD SATA Controller (AHCI) Optane- Desktop
4DDF D23:F0 - RSVD Reserved
4DE0 D22:F0 - CSE Host Embedded Controller Interface HECI #1
4DE1 D22:F1 - CSE HECI #2
4DE4 D22:F4 - CSE HECI #3
4DE8 D21:F0 - LPSS: I2C Controller #0
4DE9 D21:F1 - LPSS: I2C Controller #1
4DEA D21:F2 - LPSS: I2C Controller #2
4DEB D21:F3 - LPSS: I2C Controller #3
4DED D20:F0 - USB USB 3.1 xHCI HC
4DEE D20:F1 - USB USB Device Controller (OTG) (xDCI)
4DEF D20:F2 - PMC Shared SRAM
4DF0-4DF3 D20:F3 - CNVi CNVi: WiFi [sku 0:3]
4DF8 D20:F5 - SCS SCS3:SD Card
4DFA D18:F5 - SCS Reserved
4DFB D18:F6* LPSS: SPI #2