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Date 01/01/2021
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Intel® Serial I/O Generic SPI (GSPI) Controllers

The PCH implements three generic SPI interfaces to support devices that uses serial protocol for transferring data.

Each interface consists of a clock (CLK), two chip selects (CS) and 2 data lines (MOSI and MISO).

The GSPI interfaces support the following features:

  • Support bit rates up to 20 Mbits/s
  • Support data size from 4 to 32 bits in length and FIFO depths of 64 entries
  • Support DMA with 128-byte FIFO per channel (up to 64-byte burst)
  • Full duplex synchronous serial interface
  • Support the Motorola’s* SPI protocol
  • Operate in master mode only

Note:Slave mode is not supported.





Generic Serial Peripheral Interface


Latency Tolerance Reporting